February 1, 2023

My friend James Zosobo is the guest blogger this week as he takes us to Huntington Beach and tells us how to have a great beach day. If you would like to share a guest blog about life, travel, or fulfillment, drop me an email at vago@vagobond.com.

When it gets hot the beach is the place to go. During the summer every body goes to the beach on Saturday. Don’t be like the rest and get stuck in traffic only to find the beach parking lot is full and all the fire pits have been taken.
Huntington Beach is a great place to have fun in the sun. They have close parking, a large beach and great fire pits. If you want to be one of the lucky ones to have a nice fire at sun down than you have to plan ahead. Get all your supplies ready the night before. Have your car loaded with all non food items that have to be kept cold. If you have a mini van or suv load that baby up with all the comforts of home. Don’t be caught at the beach without all the goods.

Once you have it all together be prepared to wake up early. Someone will have to be at the beach at 6 am to secure the firepit. The rest of the crew should get there no later than 10 am. After that time the lots fill up fast and the traffic gets thick. Like I said be prepared and don’t plan on having to leave until the party is over.
If you have all the right stuff than staying from early am until the beach closes will be no problem. A typical day would include getting every thing set up. Having a canopy for shade and a BBQ are a must. If you have the means bring bikes for cruising along the board walk. You will enjoy to the cool waves of the ocean.

Then it’s time for lunch. Sandwiches or even a double round of BBQ. One BBQ for lunch and one for dinner. Then its back to ocean play or cruising the area. Still plenty of time to hang out with all the family and friends you invited. All can sit around under the canopy or on the big blankets you brought.
As six o’clock approaches time for another BBQ and some good eats. When the sun is low in the sky start putting stuff back in the car that you don’t need and get ready for the grand finally. As the sun sets it’s time to light the fire pit and get a big fire roaring with the ample wood you brought. You will be nice and cozy with all the chairs and dry warm clothing you remembered to bring.

Once the sun has set it time for smores and other treats people love to cook over a blazing fire. As 10 pm nears you throw all the rest of the wood in the pit and create lots of light to pack up the rest of your stuff. If you leave just a touch before 10 pm then you will beat the traffic out of the parking lot.

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