January 28, 2023

You may notice Marsha J. O’Brien making comments here on occaision. Marsha is a talented writer filled with compassion and love. In this, her first book, she details the trials and struggles of caring for her aging mother. Along the way she offers candid lessons learned and helpful advice for those who find themselves in the role of caretaker for an aging parent. This book has lessons that can help everyone with the process of aging, caring for our loved ones, and dealing with death. I recommend that you buy her book. Do it for your Mom.Do it for my Mom. Just do it for Mom.

Once She Was Young

Once She Was Young:The Loss of a Mother, the Growth of a Daughter
Once She Was Young: The Loss of a Mother, the Growth of a Daughter
Marsha J. O’Brien
Our elderly face a bleak horizon. Caregivers hold the world of those who need help in their hands. Marsha spent ten years as her mother’s caregiver, during which time the two women learned critical lessons.
This book gives exceptional answers to questions people are afraid to ask. Emotions that come along with aging and death need taming. NO ONE need be unprepared. We all age and die, but it should not be a mystery as to the loving and positive ways to handle it.

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