January 30, 2023

When I was a kid, our gang of kids used to play a game we called Gnarly Mamas. It was a stupid game. The idea was to go out at night where there were icy roads and stand in the street letting cars get as close to you as possible before diving off the road into a snowbank. The ‘winner’ was the one who let the car get closest. Apparently, the game has finally caught on in other places…if only we would have had a video camera back then….actually, thinking of the things we did for fun, it is much better that we didn’t….

MADRID (Reuters) – Spanish police have arrested four Frenchmen for jumping in front of cars on a busy road so that they could film them and post the footage on the Internet, the newspaper El Pais said Tuesday.
The four jokers took turns to leap in front of cars, forcing the drivers to swerve or brake sharply and putting themselves and other vehicles in danger, town hall officials in Alicante were quoted as saying on the El Pais Web site.
Their intention was to film the reaction of drivers, on the road between Benidorm to La Nucia, and post them on the Web, the officials said.

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