January 31, 2023

I never wanted to be buried before, but now that I know I can be buried in a giant carrot….for more pictures go here or here
fantasy coffin

Fantasy coffins shaped like Coca-Cola bottles, chickens, cars, cameras, birds and bibles are all on sale in Teshie.
First popularized in the 1950s, the coffins cost between $300 and $800 in a country where many live on barely $2 a day.
Some say the coffin represents an aspiration, or pride in the achievements of a short earthly stay in a poor country.
“If you can’t acquire it, you can at least be buried in it,” said Kwame Labi, a research fellow at the University of Ghana’s Institute of African Studies.
“It is born out of economic crisis, out of trying to build confidence and pride in what life you have.”
Ghanaians say stylish goodbye with fantasy coffins

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