February 1, 2023

Okay…this is just fucking funny….follow the link for the whole story..
‘Gay’ police horse saga finally over – News – The Oxford Student – Official Student Newspaper

    The incident occurred when Brown encountered two policemen whilst he walking down Cornmarket Street after leaving the Cellar night club in the early morning of 31st May. He is alleged to have shouted out, “Mate, you know your horse is gay, I hope you don’t have a problem with that.â€? The officers took offence at this comment, and warned Brown not to repeat it. However, he reassured the first officer that he was not insulting both horses, saying, “No, don’t worry.
    Your horse is fine, it’s his horse, his horse is gay.â€? He then avoided the restraining arms of his friends, and followed the pair down the street, repeating his comments. “Sam was adamant his equine gaydar was accurate,â€? eyewitness Daniel-Konrad Cooper told The Oxford Student at the time. The officers considered the comments to be in breach of the Public Order Act, and took Brown into custody, calling on two squad cars and six policemen to make the arrest.
    The final twist in the saga, which has caught the attention of the national press, came last Thursday, when the case was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. Prosecutor Cariad Eveson- Webb said there was a lack of evidence to prove that Brown had been disorderly. However, police have defended their decision to take the case to court.
    He failed to consider that a) there’s nothing wrong with being gay and b) the horse in question had a definite tell, and would have come across very camp under cross examination in a court of law. Once Brokeback Mountain landed a Golden Globe the police realised gay horses were going to be popular this year, and the tide was against them.â€?
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