January 29, 2023

It was a relaxing weekend on Oahu. Saturday morning we cruised Kailua garage sales looking for hidden treasure. We found a poster, a kali nightlight, a funky mirror, some oil pastels, and this creepy crocheted toilet seat cover with half a doll’s face crocheted into the center. It was a dollar at an old Portagee lady’s yard sale, she was selling her handiwork and homemade malasadas for $1 each. She was very sweet. When I bought it she said in very thick pidgin…”Oh, just imagine how nice, every morning, when you go in the bathroom, to see this beautiful face!”

This is going to be the next prize I give out at Incredible Fukn.us for best website submitted in the month of August. Anyway, garage sales are a lot of fun in Hawaii. Sure there are tons of crappy ones that have nothing but baby clothes or broken scuzzy toys, but sometimes you find really strange stuff, and sometimes you find true treasures. Later in the day we joined some friends at Kailua Beach Park for volleyball.

Sunday, we joined Conrad to paddle kayaks out to Rabbit (Manana) Island near Waimanalo. It was a beautiful day. Our new dry bag and life jacket worked as they were supposed to and we were all surprised to poke our heads into what seemed to be about 15 feet of water and discover it was really about 60 feet. You can see Rabbit Island in the picture above, it is a bird sanctuary so we weren’t able to land on it,but when we got close to the shore we could see monk seals sunning themselves and tons of birds. Absolutely beautiful day. Incidentally, Rabbit Island is called that, not because there are rabbits there, but because of its strong resemblance to a Rabbit’s head. A small island near it is called Black Island or Goat Island by old timers, but I call it Carrot. Why else would a rabbit be swimming, if not to get a carrot?

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