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(Conrad found this and pointed it out to Kate who remembered it and pointed it out to me and now I would probably buy the damn thing but I sort of hate working on cars and can’t really afford such a cool beast as this….cd)
The mighty Dodge convertible beach car. – $300
Reply to: anon-97121191@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-09-12, 1:35PM HST
I think it may be time to consider offers for the Dodge. I’ve now got my BMW 2002 legal and running ok, so I need to clear out the room and drop the Dodge off my insurance. The Dodge still runs great, but I need a roof these days. The current registration and safety check will expire at the end of September. There is nothing major holding it back from getting a safety check, but it might require trying a few places. The windshield was replaced in 9/04, enabling it to get a safety check then, and the windshield is still fine.
Here’s the details:
$300 or best offer.
1991 Dodge Shadow convertible
2.5L NA. (They were offered with turbos, but its not easy to just put on the turbo. You can very easily swap an entire turbo motor from a junk car, and have a great sleeper.)
Mileage unknown, speedo doesn’t work.
Top, windows, carpet, and a/c have been removed. It was an actual convertible (not a hack job). I just got rid of the convertible top.
Rain drains out the factory drainholes just fine.
Beaded seatcovers keep your butt off the soggy seats.
It’s been driven like this for 2 years, and no major problems. There is NO STINK at all due to being exposed to the elements. The water just passes through and the sun dries it out the next day.
Radio/cassette deck works fine.
It’s incredibly theft-resistant, even in Waikiki, where it was parked for over a year. Nobody wants anything from it.
Tires are in decent shape. Mismatched, but all have been replaced since I’ve had it, and have most of the tread left. Some of the tread looks chewed up a little from the track.
The engine internals are in good shape and strong, and the auto transmission is in good shape. I replaced the head gasket a little over a year ago, the tranny fluid/filter, fuel pump, etc. The transmission is actually one of the fairly strong ones built by Chrysler, and is known to be reliable. I’ve been driving it daily over the Pali, and no problems.
There are minor maintenance issues that we can discuss later.
I don’t want to sell this car to someone that doesn’t know how to work on cars at all. It’s very easy to fix the minor problems and maintain it, and then it’ll run good for you. It could be very frustrating and expensive for someone that can’t turn a wrench.
It’s done well on the race track, shown in pics here:
Shown in this article:
with times listed here:

Click to access 6-5-05.pdf

It makes a good car for seeing the outdoors, parking at the beach with no worries, hauling boards, etc. I hate to give it up, but I’ve got too much stuff.
The mighty Dodge convertible beach car.

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