January 26, 2023

MAXIMONLINE: How To: Put On an Act
How To: Put On an Act
The one and only William Shatner explains how to get people to believe damn near anything. Hey, the guy won a Golden Globe!
1. Buy Your Lie
In his new miniseries, Invasion Iowa (March 29–April 1 on Spike TV), Shat and crew punk the 928-person town of Riverside (which claims to be the future home of James T. Kirk) into thinking he’s shooting a sci-fi flick there. To pull it off, he had to trust in unreality. “Total commitment to the lie is the essence of good acting,â€? he explains. “In the eyes of the people you’re ly
ing to, you can’t have any doubt.â€? As Costanza would say, it’s not a lie if you believe it.
2. Use Force
The last time you fibbed to your girlfriend, you probably looked away and mumbled—then got busted for denying you checked out her mom in the first place. “You’ve got to look people straight in the eye,â€? Shatner says. “Lie boldly and with total assurance. ‘The sky is green.’ And when they say, ‘No, it’s blue,’ you say, ‘You don’t understand—the sky is green. You think it’s blue, but in reality it’s green and you have to believe me.’ You can’t pussyfoot a lie.â€?
3. Freshen Up
When things get tense, take a break to get back in touch with the truth. “Say, ‘Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom,’â€? Shatner says. “Run the water so nobody can hear you repeating the lie to yourself.â€? Then dry your pits, slap your best O.J. face on, and stick to the story. Remember: You were late for work because your car exploded.
4. If All Else Fails, Know When to Bail
Even the best liars get caught sometimes. “On the ninth day of shooting the show, we realized we were about to be found out,â€? admits Shatner. “So we did what every actor has done down through the ages—we cut and ran like hell. And that’s what every liar’s got to know: If it’s not working, stop acting and get out of town.â€? Note: This is a hell of a lot easier to do if it’s actually someone else’s town.

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