January 31, 2023

(This is what I’m guessing my mysterious caller looks like…cd)
Morning my Beautifuls! I just had the funniest call from a (wo)man who wouldn’t identify herself. She asked me lots of questions and absolutely refused to say fukn instead referring to our lovely site as funkn even when I politely corrected her. When I asked who she was and why she was calling with so many questions, she informed me that she is sueing me and is trying to get fukn.us taken off line! According to her, I have defamed her character. Now this leads to the question, who is she? Is she the model showing the foxtail buttplug? Is it Imelda Marcos upset about her jewelry? Is it my former editor and typist (those of the big bosoms)? Or even more insidiously, was it Kim Jong Il, truth be told, I have never heard his voice, he may sound like a woman. Never fear dear readers, we shall not leave without a fight. In the meantime, I will keep you posted on what nefarious deeds we have done to deserve this treatment. Quite frankly, I am thrilled to be at the center of this sort of hurricane and not at the center of Hurricane Jova which hovers somewhere over the pacific at the moment. In the event that this site is shut down, you will certainly find me posting updates in such places as craigslist, the yahoo group gonzobeats, boingboing.net, or on a blog which could be located at a fukn location as yet undescribed. She (him) (SHIM?) hung up before identifying shimself, but said I will hear from sher attorney. To be honest, I am honored and totally stoked. I will keep you informed fukn readers. Now if we can just find out who the offended is!!!!!!

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