February 4, 2023

Last week I sold Fuknbooks.com to an interested party. I am satisfied with what I got for it, as I have recognized that it was time to move on to the next thing for a while now. We will see what becomes of fuknbooks.com. At the moment, the domain is still pointed to http://fuknbooks.chrisdamitio.com which now carries only the books I have written. Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual, AMP The Anarchist Manifesto Project (still free to download!), Twenty Weeks a Bum and Asia Tales of a Bum, and my imperfect but profound novel, Slackville Road. I recommend them all, of course.
So that is that. We will see what the new owner does with Fuknbooks.com.
One important note, those of you who have my email as chris@fuknbooks.com should change it to chairman@fukn.us

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