February 5, 2023

train station in Fes, Morocco
The new train station in Fes is beautiful. It’s so different from the dark and dingy little place I arrived at the first night I was in Morocco what seems like twenty years ago. Hard to believe it hasn’t even been two years yet. time goes slowly in the 12th century. Inside the station, we had some time so we went upstairs to a fancy coffee place and talked about what we hoped our trip to Turkey would be like.
House in Fez, view from Fez Apartment
Boarding the train we found ourselves in a very nice shared cabin with plush seats, cold air conditioning, and a very nice Moroccan family sharing the space with us. Since I had my internet connection with me, I wrote a couple of articles and actually managed to pay for the train trip while we were on the train. It took us just over six hours. Paying for first class in Morocco is always worth the extra money since the 2nd class cars often have AC that doesn’t work and you most often find yourself crammed into a compartment with 8-10 other people as opposed to the 1st Class which comfortably holds a maximum of six. The difference in price between first and second class for this trip was only about $15 U.S. for both of us.
train from Fes to Casablanca, train to Mohammad V International Airport
Our tickets were 165 dirhams each for first class to Casablanca Voyageurs Train Station. From there we had to book two more tickets to Mohammad V Airport for 40 dirhams each. Maybe someday they’ll sell direct trains to the airport from Fes, but the transfer is unavoidable at the present time. For the short trip to Mohammad V from Casa Voyageurs, second class is just fine.

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  1. Sounds like you two are really having a swell time! Kudos! – As for flying first class – when I traveled I used to always take the latest flights – some predawn – usually first class was never filled so I simply jumped into the open spot. If I was asked to move I did without complaint. But, typically, most late flights don’t have a lot of 1st class travelers – while you may not get champagne and a real lunch – it does offer better seating. Most of my predawn flights also brought me to my destination early AM – just how I like it. The vendors are awesome in the AM and you can literally watch cities coming to life – anyhow – I wont drone on, just a tip to score a great seat – cheers on the travel buddy!

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