January 31, 2023

We always keep our readers updated on the latest shenanigans in the Charles Taylor trial… He is no longer in jail in Sierra Leone. And Britain (Sierra Leone’s former colonial power) has agreed to jail him after the trial. This creates mixed feeling for people in Sierra Leone and Liberia – it would be satisfying to see justice served “at home,” but at the same time there is fear that Taylor’s supporters would try to free him or create other disruptions that could destabilize the fragile peace.

PARIS, June 20 — Charles G. Taylor, the former president of Liberia and one of West Africa’s most feared men, arrived in handcuffs in the Netherlands on Tuesday, and was immediately taken to the jail near The Hague where the former Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, spent the last five years of his life.
Mr. Taylor, 58, will be tried in the Netherlands by a specially created outpost of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the United Nations-backed tribunal that has indicted him on charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes.
The long list of atrocities attributed to Mr. Taylor, a former warlord, includes running a rebel force that killed tens of thousands of civilians and hacked off the limbs of countless others.
Former Liberian President in The Hague for Trial – New York Times

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