January 29, 2023

This study is especially troubling after watching Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth the other night with Mink Hippie. The movie was terrifying and possibly the most important thing you will ever watch in a theatre. It doesn’t matter if you are on the left or the right, the information and the science in the movie are unargueable. So check out this statistic, look at the storms brewing in the atlantic, read about the tsunami in Indonesia, and then go watch an Inconvenient Truth.

Flocking to the Coast: World’s Population Migrating into Danger
The number of people living within 60 miles of coastlines will increase by about 35 percent compared to 1995, the mapmakers say.
This type of migration will expose 2.75 billion people to coastal threats from global warming such as sea level rise and stronger hurricanes in addition to other natural disasters like tsunamis. A reminder of the risks of seaside living came this week in the form of a tsunami that killed at least 350 people and devastated many on Indonesia’s Java Island.
The Earth is home to some 6.5 billion people and is projected to have 9 billion by 2050.

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