January 27, 2023

I realize we have been spending a little less time posting lately. It’s one of those strange life surges that strikes us all at once. With any luck, you have been busy too and haven’t noticed until now. As a way of apologizing, I will do a little power blogging amongst some of my favorite blogs this morning.

Fleshbot: Pure Filth
As if the subtitle “A Cautionary Tale” for the Jenna Jameson autobiography he co-wrote didn’t already get the point across, author Neil Strauss’s new adult graphic novel (featuring illustrations by renowned comic artist Bernard Chang) offers a darkly humorous if somewhat heavy-handed look at some of the less glamorous aspects of the adult industry: “From its first panel, ‘How to Make Money Like a Porn Star’ draws the reader into the dark world of girls like Claudia (Corvette), the men who fantasize about them, and the monsters who control them. … Like all great American stories, it features humble beginnings, life-changing tragedy, stripping, abuse, implants, fame, addiction, bigger implants, abduction, gunplay, downfall, and even bigger implants. Not to mention a thousand shades of latex and L’Oreal.” Sign up at the official book release site to receive a free sneak preview of the contents … and don’t forget to add heroine Claudia as your friend on MySpace too. After all: it could happen to you.
· “How To Make Money Like A Porn Star” (howtomakemoneylikeapornstar.com)
· Order: “How To Make Money Like A Porn Star” (Amazon)
· Claudia Corvette on MySpace (myspace.com)
· Bernard Chang (bernardchang.com)

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