February 8, 2023

Another example of the fact that at any moment, something can fall from the sky and kill you. In this instance no one died, but if it did that much damage to this car, imagine what it would have done to you….Enjoy life. It is fleeting (and sometimes ends suddenly when something from the sky crushes you.)

First Coast News – Florida State News – Mysterious, Large Ice Chunk Falls on Tampa Man’s Car
TAMPA, FL (AP) — A 20-year-old Tampa man is trying to figure out where a chuck of ice that fell on his car came from. The mystery ice plummeted from the sky yesterday morning, pushing in the roof on Andres Javage’s 2000 Ford Mustang and blowing out the rear window.
Inspectors with the Federal Aviation Administration are reviewing flight schedules to determine whether the ice might have come from an aircraft.

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