January 28, 2023

I was contacted by Erin McRaven a few days ago with a trade offer for some rubies. Erin has been trading a little black phone for a while now…you can read her trading adventures here. In any event, Erin wanted to trade me a session with a professional psychic for a couple of rubies. I’ve been wanting to move forward since the sailboat fiasco so I agreed after speaking with the psychic and checking out her webpage. Her name is MamaLisa and her psychic agency is as prefessional and real as psychic services get. The agency is called Phenomenol Detections. MamaLisa has done psychic work for the police and numerous clients. Her services are diverse. What is being offered is a 1-2 hour session by phone or if you are in her area, in person. She has done a lot of work by phone, so this is a very viable way to work. Here is her webpage.

Just as a quick refresher…my trades so far have been my old skateboard for folk art by R.A. Miller, the folk art for Rubies, three rubies for a sword(in the sailboat boondoggle), and now two rubies for a 1-2 hour session with MamaLisa. I still have the ninja sword, more rubies, and now the psychic session up for trade. I am trying to trade my way up to a house and land anywhere in the world.
email your offers to chris@fukn.us or comment here.

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