January 28, 2023

As a side note to this story, other scientists were not surprised to find out that in addition to having the fat virus, fat people also had the ‘eat too much’ virus and the ‘not be very active’ virus. This news was shocking as no one really believed there could be a connection between obesity and overeating or lack of excercise….
A closer look at the blood tests conducted on over 2000 Australians has showed that more than 20% of the study participants had contracted Ad-36 viral infection , believed to play a major role in development of obesity.
Richard Emeritus, Professor of Medicine, University of Wisconsin has carried out the research. ‘I believe obesity is a complex disease of many causes, one of which is viral infection,’ said the professor. He further stated that the presence of the infection in obese people could account for the obesity epidemic.
Previous studies had already established an association between exposure to the virus and obesity in animal models, more specifically, mice, chickens and marmosets. However, another similar study conducted by Nick Martin, a professor at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research failed to establish a definitive association between body mass index and Ad-36 infection.
Ad-36, belongs to a class of viruses referred to as adenovirus. The virus is known to be associated with eye infections, diarrhea and common cold, in humans. More studies are clearly indicated to establish the link, if any between obesity and Ad-36 virus.

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