January 30, 2023

It must be the Sake but I’m going to come clean. I love fashion. Maybe a part of it is watching beautiful women in fascinating colors swirling through life’s anxieties without a seeming care in the world…but it’s more than that…it’s being able to say something not just with the clothes that you wear but also with the way that you wear them…
Seriously, put a trailer trash clone of Naomi Campbell in the same clothing and you don’t get the same look. Maybe that’s a bad example….but it really is about attitude…it’s about design, it’s about creativity..
Sure, I know, it’s pretentious, it’s presumptive, and it’s preposterous …at times. But it is the essence of humanness….it is the expression…
Fashion is a facet of the expressive creativity of humans…it, like music, like painting, like literature, transcends what you see and expresses more than it should….
Twas brillig in the slithy dare….
Even Patricia Field…..
more than just words, plastic streamers, paint, or clothing….
Have a look at this site…..you’ll see what I mean….I think…

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