February 4, 2023

Here at Incredible Fukn.us we are proud to say that we like Gay People. We don’t like gay bashers. If we were in Moscow, we would gladly have marched with the GLBT Muscavites and we would have thrown rocks at the cops, and we probably would have turned the whole thing into a riot. We admit to being reactive and possibly bad PR for anyone we support and that is why sometimes we do more for our causes by not participating than by taking a militant part. Anyway, we are proud of all gay people but especially those in Moscow that were bashed by a bunch of diversity crushing hate mongers. Your courage is inspiring and your cause is ours.
Gay Parade

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian police, militant Orthodox Christians and neo-fascists broke up a first ever gay rights march in Moscow on Saturday, but the homosexuals said their short-lived protest as a “great victory.”
Activists led by 28-year-old Nikolai Alexeyev had planned to lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier — a symbol of the World War Two struggle against fascism, and one of Russia’s most sacred places.
But police closed the gates to the park where the eternal flame burns under the Kremlin walls, and a heavy scrum of women singing hymns and shaven-headed nationalists tried to charge into the gay activists as the march arrived.
“This is a great victory, an absolute victory — look at what’s happening,” Alexeyev said as he was dragged, bent almost double, away from the gates by two policemen.
City authorities had banned the march, which they called an “outrage to society,” while religious leaders from all major faiths condemned it. Interfax news agency reported police had detained around 100 people after the clashes.
Even some rival gay activists said the march risked inflaming Russia’s widespread intolerance of homosexuality, and wished Alexeyev had chosen a less direct way to protest against discrimination and homophobia.
Homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia in 1993, and although some gay clubs exist in big cities, same-sex couples almost never make a public display of their affections.
A gay German member of parliament who attended the rally, Volker Beck, was punched in the face. Beck, a leader of the Greens party and a prominent gay rights leader, was shown in German TV getting hit in the face.
“I was attacked,” Beck told German television. “It was a stone and a fist. It shows we’re not safe in this country. The security forces did not protect us but instead prevented us from retreating. We were left without any protection.”
The marchers, who seemed to number about 40 although an exact count was impossible in the mob, were outnumbered at least twofold by men and women carrying Russian Orthodox icons and chanting “Moscow is not Sodom.”
“We must stop them at this first stage, or they’ll come and corrupt our children,” said Kirill Bolgarin, 24, who had come to protest despite the pouring rain.
His friend Andrei, 25, interrupted, and gestured at the eternal flame.
“We are Russians. We are Orthodox. These soldiers died so we could live like Russians, not so these people could come here and tell us what to do,” he said.
Alexeyev had invited gay activists from all across Europe to the march, the culmination of three days of events that were a first Russian attempt to hold a Gay Pride festival like those in Western cities.
“We came here to lay flowers at this anti-fascist memorial, but the mayor is so terrified of us that he took the step of ordering the gates closed,” said Peter Tatchell from the British gay rights group OutRage.
“As soon as we arrived we were set upon by fascist gangs and police. Today is a great shame for Russia because a peaceful protest has been suppressed.”
Later, when police had formed a line between the two sides, a group of skinheads — young Russian nationalists who have grown in number in recent years and have been behind a series of attacks on foreign students — rushed toward the gay activists.
Their faces masked, they threw flares as they ran, but OMON riot police stopped them and dragged them to waiting buses.
Passers-by on the pavement outside parliament, which is on one of the capital’s main streets, looked on in disbelief.
“I think it is a sexual abnormality, but if these gays want to do it, they should,” said Robert Antonov, 35. “Why shouldn’t they do what they like? They are people too.”

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