February 5, 2023
Vago Damitio is the master of Micro Victories. He is a free vagabond radical having fun and pissing on the accepted and the expected. .

Vago DamitioVago Damitio (CD) is a  free radical having fun and pissing on the accepted and the expected.  From 1998 to 2000 he published and edited Conchsense , a magazine dedicated to finding the meeting point between creativity and community.  In 2000, Vago joined a Silicon Valley dotcom startup called TechPlanet in Seattle. His final act at TechPlanet was to send out an email to all the employees that they should leave before the company told them it wouldn’t be able to pay them. Two months later, the company sent a notice asking employees to work without pay while they secured financing.  Vago’s next gig (late 2000) was working as a community organizer for ACORN (the Association of Communities Organizing for Reform Now) where he helped organize tenants to fight for bettter conditions from slumlords and worked on bringing about awareness of predatory lending. When he suggested to his union members that they go throw bricks through the Countrywide Mortgage windows,  his superiors decided it was time for him to move on. He moved into a VW van (which he’d bought for $100) and lived the life of a road warrior while discovering how to live in America with no home, no job, no money, and plenty of ingenuity. Vago DamitioIn 2001 when he won a jackpot on a slot machine and with that money he bought a ticket to China. In Asia, he met with the hill tribes in Laos, explored deserted islands in Thailand, and finally took a job teaching English in the tiny town of Parapat in Sumatra, Indonesia. Returning to the USA was a shock after living among people who were quite happy with very little. The USA was filled with people who were unhappy no matter how much they super-sized their lives. After the tragic events of September 11, 2001 – he bought a one way ticket to Hawaii. In 2003 he wrote his first book Rough Living: Tips and Tales of a Vagabond.  Vago DamitioAt the end of 2008 he left Hawaii to see if he could find his place in the world. Vagobond.com was born.  He is the author of :
Rough Living: Tips and Tales of a Vagabond
(2003) Slackville Road (2004) The Princess and the Vagabond (2005) The Hu Factor (2006) Lost in Transmediality: Exploring LOST and It’s Fans (2008)Vago Damitio Liminal Travel (2009) Spiritual Fasting: Faith, Love, and Jihad (2010) Finding your Passion Income: Becoming Free (2010) Douchebags, Fags, and Hags (2011) Meliptimous Taggle and Other Stories (2012) Not My Morocco (2012)
Smooth Living: Beyond the Life of a Vagabond (2013) The Keys to the Riad (2013) and quite a few more books. None of them have made him famous….yet.


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