February 5, 2023

On our last day in Iceland, we decided to spend more time exploring the streets and museums of Reykjavik. The museums were a little expensive and for the most part, fairly standard fare. At this point in history, I feel like most museums are better visited online without the crowds or the expensive entrance fees. Art museums are the exception.

The Iceland Art Museum in Reykjavic had a retrospective on the life and work of Erro (still living and turning 90 soon). I’d never heard of him but it was cool to see his work in a chronological progression – from painting to collage to film – dealing with politics, consumerism, the automation of humanity, and totalitarian tendencies in human civilization. More about Erro here. A lot of his work was with comics and there were even some anime and chibi leaning pieces – so both my 10 year old daughter and myself were able to enjoy the art. It was a really fun show and a great way for us to bond over art, style, and introduce some discussions about politics, consumerism, sexuality (because it’s art and some of it is far more graphic than would be appropriate for a 10 year old to see in any other context) and also just a nice way to spend the few hours we had before we went to the airport.

I took pictures of some of my favorite pieces. I also made what might be the first Erro NFT at https://vagobond.cent.co  grab it while you can.

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