January 29, 2023

Not just Elmo, but Mr. Incredible, too!
These sinister events were predicted (at least in part) by the prescient lyrics of Mr. Weird Al Yankovic… “They said when Elmo was arrested
They found Oscar headless in the trash…”
elmo and kofi

Los Angeles police sparked a surprising sight when they led away real-life versions of cuddly Sesame Street Muppet Elmo and cartoon hero Mr Incredible.
Impersonators of the well-known characters were arrested for allegedly harassing tourists for tips to pose for photos on Hollywood Boulevard.
“With all of the crime in Los Angeles they pick on us?” said Donn Harper, 45, who impersonates Elmo.
LAPD said it was cracking down on what it called “aggressive begging”.
Donn Harper, Mr Incredible impersonator Barry Stockton, 42, and Bill Stevens, 54, who impersonates the hooded ‘Scream’ character, claim they were arrested at gunpoint.
“We were leaving to get something to eat,” Mr Stockton told the Los Angeles Times. “We had our heads off and were walking about a block away to our car when they pulled up.”
“They jumped out of their cars with guns drawn,” said Mr Harper, who says he makes up to $400 a day in tips.

BBC NEWS | Americas | ‘Elmo’ seized in LA police action
Elmo’s Got a Gun

Elmo’s got a gun
Elmo’s got a gun
Big bird’s on the run
Ernie’s dialin’ 911
What made elmo snap,
Was he tired of big birds crap?
They said when Elmo was arrested
They found Oscar headless in the trash
I hear that Gordon’s really runnin
Now that elmos got a gun,
The streets never gonna be the same.
Elmo’s got a gun
Elmo’s got a gun
Grover’s head has come undone
Sesame street’s not real fun –
You want me to walk around sesame street without a bulletproof
Forget about it!

Lyrics Weird Al Yankovic’s Elmo’s Got a Gun

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