January 31, 2023

Ego by Chris Damitio
Soon this will be the column you wait for. Even before you check your horoscope or the “missed connections” section, you will flip here. Y, you ask? Perhaps why 2k? It’s a good question really. Why two thousand, why not measure with a different system, then we can miss all the unpleasantness which comes with rounded numbers. Our own ten digits have caused us to mystify, glorify, and even worship numbers ending in five and zero
Have you started to prepare your Y2K survival kit yet? It might be a good time to start figuring out what is important to you in our technology dependent, consumer creating, resource depleting, pollution spewing, disgustingly corrupt, and greed driven society. My personal kit contains a sleeping bag, matches, and the following “essential “ items: A big knife, my rambo survival kit, 3 packs of M&M’s, a dirty magazine (just in case everyone else disappears), 47 baseball cards, 7 packs of pepper, and a roll of toilet paper. I can’t think of anything else that means anything to me. The power goes out at midnight and fifteen minutes later a million Canadian troops are gonna burst through the Peace Arch. They’ve been waitng for this. You can’t prepare for Y2K too soon. The year everyone freaks out in. Why two thousand? Why not use a different calendar, then we can miss all the chaos which comes with rounded numbers. Our own ten digits have caused us to mystify, glorify, and even worship numbers ending in zero. The continent was first invaded by Europeans (excluding Vikings) five hundred and seven years ago….That means that in the year 2k, it will also be “year 508”. There’s nothing sinister about “year 508”, except that it coincides with Y2K! It’s sort of fun imagining that society is going to turn into some sort of Mad Max movie. My mother is already stashing canned goods and milkjugs of water in the basement next to her Geiger counter. The Russian silos aren’t protected you know!.Any way you count it, the next nine months will be interesting. My e-mail alone….
. I didn’t really expect a letter asking for advice. I would like to emphasize that I have only asked for hatemail…. I am not a professional therapist, I’ve never been an advice columnist, and quite frankly, I give pretty bad advice. In fact, I am a freak. That being said…..
Dear Ramblin’ Man,
I’ve been enjoying your column. I wonder if
you can help me
with a little problem I’ve been having. My
mother hates my girlfriend. My girlfriend hates
my mother. What should I do? It makes it hard on me because I love them both.
Dear Stuck ,
Invite both of them to an event with you. Then stand them both up. When you don’t show up, their natural woman anger will cause them to bond in their hatred of you. The closer they get, the less likely your girlfriend is to dump you because she won’t want to hurt your mom. Let the women become friends and before you know it they will be in the kitchen together, baking cookies. But remember, free advice is worth what you pay for it. If you have hatemail or Y2K stuff, that’s what I really like. Any hatemail, suggestions or advice can be e-mailed to me at cdamitio@yahoo.com. See ya next week with Yo Mama Jokes.

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