January 27, 2023

It’s not a lie, I actually have the answer, don’t get confused though, an answer isn’t the same thing as a solution. A solution solves the problem, an answer only tells you why it happened. You are fat because we live in a civilization that doesn’t give you a chance to matter. Yes, you heard me correctly, YOU DO NOT MATTER! Neither do I. Any of us could die and this godless, emotionally bankrupt civilization would not be affected. The people that love us would be, but ultimately, they don’t matter either. Not unless you die in a way that furthers someone’s agenda. You are fat because you have no purpose in the current hierarchy. You are fat because no one cares what you do. You are fat because this society is capable of making the most worthwhile people, the most useless people. This society takes our most sensitive poeple, our most giving people, and tells them they don’t matter….and then, they get fat…
Fuck this society. Fuck being fat. You do matter. Go outside and spit on something you hate. It will make a difference. When you want to eat, spit on what you hate instead…seek it out…make your disdain known….

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