February 4, 2023

I’ve been looking for something to smut my life up since Sploid stopped being my friend…maybe I’ve found it…(note to the gullible…don’t believe everything you read)

dirt peddler
The post-modern un-darling-king of the gaming industry, Rockstar Games is turning up the heat on itself again. With the groundbreaking GTA series, San Andreas and Bully under their belt and all huge commercial successes despite the questionable subject matter, Rockstar is determined to push the bounds yet again. Have they gone too far this time?
Due out in early September, BULLY2-Problem Solver will have parents shaking in their boots. Unlike previous titles whom cast of characters somehow seemed to deserve their fate (remember even the carjacked grandpas on GTA would sometimes deliver an ass whipping) the targets of this game is…… parents. That’s right Mom and Dad, after having has finished cleaning up the mess at school, the oppressed gang assemble for a new mis-adventure. In a somewhat philosophical turn that smacks of a Charlie Manson zeitgeist, the kids decide it’s the parents fault that they had to endure the torment of their life in total. Who invented the society, schools, hierarchies we suffer under in the first place? Who instilled the total lack of skills necessary to navigate said structures? You get the drift.
So Rockstar has decided the world needs a game where you can not only torture, torment, and rape (although, not rape your own parents…you can rape your “friends” parents. At least that bound hasn’t been crossed) but have a myriad of ways you can dispose of the evidence to continue to outwit the authorities and play on. While we cannot go into graphic details about the vivid gameplay options here, suffice it to say that the first XXX game rating will be issued and possibly only be available online to valid credit card holders.

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