January 29, 2023

These are the items I have up for trade, they are available individually or as a lot.All of these have resulted from trading my skateboard.
I still have a number of rubies. The one’s I have available are below. Currently I have the 37 rubies shown below. They are ungrades and unsorted, about 2.3 cts each, small inclusions, of varying brightness etc. I have not had them appraised, but the jeweler at Kay said that they were worth between $100 and $1000 each. They are natural rubies from Madagascar. I call the three shapes pillow, arrow, and star (octagon).

I have this ninja sword. It has two knives in the handle and a third inside an insert in the bottom of the hilt.

Also I have a two hour session with a professional psychic agency. Phenomenal Detections.

I am interested in any interesting offers. Keep in mind that I am in Hawaii. This means exchanges will be by mail. Trades work like this…1) we agree on a trade 2) you send your item to me (you pay postage) 3) I recieve your item and then send you my item (I pay postage). Looking forward to getting some trade offers. By the way, these are the best pictures I can get, please don’t ask for more.

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