February 8, 2023

He’s done it again…I wish they would release a photo of this guy…it would be funny if he turned out to be a woman dressing as a man dressing as a woman….
Mrs. Doubtfire
A bank robber who disguises his appearance from surveillance cameras hit a Kalihi bank for the second time in a week.
Police were called to the American Savings Bank on North King Street just after noon on Thursday.
Police said the robber passed a note demanding money. A teller recognized him as the same man who robbed the bank on Friday while wearing a white, curly wig and purple dress.
He wore a different outfit on Thursday, according to police.
“He was wearing a reddish-brown wig. He had on a striped shirt and was wearing pants and he was a Japanese male,” said police Maj. Susan Ballard. “This is the second time he robbed the same bank. We will find this gentleman.”
Police describe the robber as a man in his 20s and about 5 foot 8 inches tall.

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