January 28, 2023

Okay….I have to admit to really liking this twisting of reality. Now, I’ve only seen the first season of lost. I am waiting for the second season to come out on DVD. Of course, Mink Hippie and I are huge fans of Lanikai Juice but we never see the cast of Lost there. They are around though…when I was still driving on a regular basis I drove Evangeline Lily to the airport and enjoyed conversing with her…she recommended a book which I subsequently enjoyed…Griiffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence by Nick Bantock. I enjoyed the hell out of it….So anyway, Evangeline, Dominick, Matthew Fox, Mink Hippie, and I- we’re all neighbors but at the moment, I think they keep forgetting to invite us to their BBQ’s….
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Creators of TV’s Lost meld Television and Literature
As fans of ABC’s hit series Lost are well aware, there are strong ties to literature in the show. Characters are often shown reading and there are frequent conversational references to books. This week, Lost goes one step further as ABC sister company Hyperion Books releases the novel Bad Twin by Gary Troup.
Bad Twin is a mystery novel with no immediately evident plot link to Lost, but the supposed author’s name, Gary Troup, is an anagram for “purgatory,” which is where many fans believe the survivors of the show are stranded. Additionally, the book’s cover purports the novel to be Troup’s “Final Novel Before Disappearing on Oceanic Flight 815,” the fictional flight which stranded the characters of Lost.
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