January 31, 2023

The frustrating part about this, is that even though it shows what the people want, it won’t necessarily change anything. Mufi gets to keep making deals with highest bidders. Another example of why democracy and bureaucratic systems lead to impotence and destruction. Personally, I think we need a benevolent dictator. The two problems are that 1) they didn’t indicate what has to be recycled just ‘more than green waste’ and 2) the vote still has to be finalized tonight when the public pressure will be off. Pretty tricky scheduling the final vote for a night when lots of people have romantic plans.
Honolulu City Council members voted on Monday in favor of curbside recycling and to close the city landfill — both in direct opposition Mayor Mufi Hannemann.
The votes probably won’t change anything, but they did express the public frustrations with inaction on the island’s trash problems.
Neighbors fear the trash mountain could slide into their homes.
“What are the liabilities if this catastrophic event happens? Because the health department has put us all on notice,” Ko Olina resident Lee Munson said.

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