February 4, 2023

Wow…it’s a good thing we have religion to give us an excuse to hack each other apart with machetes. Funny, how you never hear about a bunch of Scientologists being slain by a horde of Sub-Genii..
At least 80 people were killed when Christians turned on Muslims living among them in a southern Nigeria city, a rights group said, while in the north Christians turned to the army for refuge against reprisals.
The city’s dead in Onitsha, mainly Muslims, were burned on bonfires of blazing tyres. On a drive around the town centre, reporters saw at least nine more corpses to add to 19 they had found on Wednesday scattered by the road.
“We counted 60 bodies on Tuesday and 20 on Wednesday and there could be more,” said Emeka Umeh, head of the local chapter of the Lagos-based Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO), adding “most of the victims are Muslims.”
“It was a great massacre that should be condemned by any right-thinking person,” he told AFP. “Even now, bodies can still be found on Upper Iweka road,” which is home to the predominantly Christian Igbo people.
“The police should not relax. What we have now is graveyard peace,” Umeh added, saying the victims were slain “with machetes, knives, metal objects, clubs and in some instance, even guns.”
Nigerian city burns its Muslim dead, toll ‘at least 80’

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