February 4, 2023

(Lately we’ve been watching a couple of extremely painful reality shows…Both are listed below and the ‘star’ of one is today’s Chris of the Day. cd)
chris knight
Chris Continues to Wade His Way Through the Curry Clan and Danny Finally Heads to Rehab
“My Fair Brady” — Lovebirds Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry first met on VH1’s “The Surreal Life 4.” Now, a year later the two are living together and the twice-married Chris is having commitment issues. Adrianne, on the other hand, is ready to start a family and gives Chris and ultimatum…either step up or I’m moving out. Episode #106: “Meet My Momma” Sunday 10/16 @ 9:30 PM* Day two in Adrianne’s hometown of Joliet, Illinois finds Chris spending quality time with her parents. Adrianne’s Dad still hasn’t made a decision about whether Chris’ intentions are honorable so he invites him for a little “guy time” at the local lake. Chris ends up feeling like a fish out of water when Daddy insists that he do the right thing and marry Adrianne. Gulp! Adrianne also consults her Mom for advice on the relationship, telling her that she wants the family to check him out and give their approval. Hoping to make a good impression on the rest of the Curry Clan, Chris attends a family barbecue, which becomes more of an autograph session for the former child-star leaving little time for anyone to form an impression. Mom eventually decides he is okay, but Adrianne still feels like she has to get a firm commitment or move on out. “Breaking Bonaduce” — America remembers Danny Bonaduce as the cute but spunky Danny Partridge in the 1970’s classic series “The Partridge Family.” Since then however, this former child star has lived a life filled with dichotomy as the hard partying “bad guy” while also trying to remain a loving family man. Episode #106: “Leaving Los Angeles” Sunday 10/16 @ 10:00 PM* As Danny sleeps off another night of drinking, Gretchen sneaks off to therapy looking for answers. She reveals to Dr. Garry that the drinking, steroids and painkillers have taken control of Danny and her house has turned upside down. Dr. Garry confronts Danny off camera and demands that he check into rehab. Danny reluctantly agrees. However, before entering, he decides to tattoo his first day of sobriety onto his arm as a gesture of his commitment to get well. Though difficult and frightening, Danny explains to his children that he must go away to get well, but loves them and will return. As Gretchen drives away from the rehab center, leaving Danny standing alone in front of the De-tox center, the sense of impending doom between them is palpable. * all times ET/PT Contacts: “My Fair Brady” Maura Wozniak/VH1 Scott Acord/MTVN (212) 846-7325 (310) 752-8075 maura.wozniak@vh1staff.com scott.acord@mtvstaff.com “Breaking Bonaduce” Lori Hornik/VH1 Scott Acord/MTVN (212) 846-7131 (310) 752-8075 lori.hornik@vh1staff.com scott.acord@mtvstaff.com Viewers can log onto VH1.com for more on: “My Fair Brady” http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/my_fair_brady/series.jhtml “Breaking Bonaduce” http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/breaking_bonaduce/series.jhtml

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