February 8, 2023

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Chris Okotie warns politicians on 2007 elections
The flagbearer of the Justice Party (JP) in the 2003 Presidential election, Reverend Chris Okotie, has said that old politicians struggling to return to power in 2007 was an indication of the failure of the political class, and warned that the new generation of patriotic politicians were poised to thwart the ambitions of the old brigade.
“It is unfortunate that 45 years after independence, we are still contending with the phenomenon of recycled leadership. What is worrisome, and in fact, shameful is that these same people put us in this mess in the first instance. But the good news here is that, all that has come to an end.
“Some of these old politicians have been in power for close to 30 years with nothing to show for it, except the legacy of hunger, pilferage of the national treasury, large scale corruption and mismanagement of our God-given wealthâ€?, he said. Rev. Okotie was speaking at an interactive session with journalists on the nation’s 45th independence anniversary in Lagos.
“I can hardly believe that despite decades of politically inept and failed leadership of the military, some retired generals are still trying to return to power in 2007. “We shall do all we can do to stop them this time. Nigerians are desperately seeking change; genuine change that would translate into better educational system, full employment, good and functional public utilities, peace, equity and justiceâ€?, Rev. Okotie said.
The pastor-politician said he was distraught with the internal contradictions being exhibited by the political class. “Political merchandising is still very much the order of the day. So, one might ask what have we learnt in 45 years?â€? he queried. Okotie insisted that despite some changes, it appeared it was still business as usual. “Corruption war is on, obviously, though not with as much intensity one would expect. But our rating as the second most corrupt country in the world tells a lot about the prevailing rot in the system.,â€? he claimed.
Asked if he’d sustain the Anti-corruption campaign if elected in 2007, he said “I will make it more difficult for any rascal to steal or launder public funds. But, when you see the poor state of public utilities; the decay in the environment, collapse of the educational system, and the deplorable state of health care and the chaotic public transportation system, you know we are still very much in the woods.â€?
He reiterated his commitment to his generational change campaign, arguing that the old politicians had no answer to the myriad of problems facing the nation. The clergy-politician said his F.R.E.S.H Philosophy was a timely response to Nigeria’s needs, adding, “as you must been aware “Fâ€? represents faith in ourselves, and our nation; “Râ€? is responsibility, which we must accept for what has become of our great nation, “Eâ€? is equality of all Nigerians and equal access to rights, resources and opportunities; “Sâ€? is security in all its ramification-job security, food security, security of lives and property, to which we are all entitled. And finally, “Hâ€?, is for hope. We need to be hopeful to stay alive. The Bible says, ‘hope is the anchor of faith:
“Rev. Okotie is out to give us that hope, with my love for Nigeria, a zeal to serve and a willingness to succeed at all cost, our great nation will definitely achieve its full potentials, with me in Aso Rock in 2007.â€?

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