February 6, 2023

You can’t really do anything about anything except make the best choice you can and face the consequences. You weigh what you can about the consequences, greaten your odds and go for it. Never look back with regret, there’s no reason to if you made the best decision possible. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t punish yourself if you know you made the best decision possible. That is why it is important to understand your own nature, so that emotions, drugs, alcohol, ignorance don’t prevent YOU from makein the right decision. You’re responsibility is to make the best decision you can. The consequences can be devastating and far reaching if you .
Gaiasopht…….Be what you want society to be. Live the way you want others to live. But think carefully, there’s truth to the parable of let him who is free of sin ( guilt) cast the first stone. It is in fact a demonstration of the sin of men, but the joke is that one who is free of sin would forgive the sinner and have no need nor desire to throw the stone. So no stones can or will be thrown. Ha…the sinner is freed by the words. The words were magic.

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