February 1, 2023

You can’t really blame them…9.5 million spots for 2.6 million students means you have to take every advantage you can….these guys and girls weren’t writing on the back side of their watches…in some cases they went too far…


A student in Wuhan, capital of China’s central province of Hubei, used earphones so small that they slipped into his aural canal and perforated his eardrum, the China Daily newspaper said.
Another student’s earphones required an operation for their removal, the paper said, while an electronic device connected to headphones and strapped to a third student’s body exploded, leaving a bleeding hole in his abdomen.
Supervisors at an exam hall in Wuhan, capital of central Hubei province, found over 100 “cheating tools” including earphones hidden in vests, wallets and waistbands, the paper said.

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