January 30, 2023

Okay, the interesting thing here is that we are committed BY LAW to defend Taiwan…

This morning I read an article about how the US is demanding that China explain its military buildupin the past few years. The story went on to explain that China has vowed to attack Taiwan if they should ever formally declare their independence and that the US is bound by law to come to the aid or defense of Taiwan. This potential flashpoint is much more than a flashpoint, it is a near certainty that at some point Taiwan will declare itself a free and Independent entity of China and this will lead to hostilities.

Apparently for the past several years, China has been upgrading their military with more advanced weapons that it has acquired from Russia and the EU. Things like better missiles and nuclear submarines. This has led to a shift in the balance of power in the Pacific region. The US has been using diplomacy to condemn and commend China’s various actions and activities over the past several years. Some of these actions and activities include human rights, multi lateral relations with North Korea, and the aforementioned military buildup.

It seems that the US needs to give China more in the way of incentives rather than continued questions and accusations as to China’s intentions. As things go now, China would seem to have no choice but to continue its closed mouth policy and military buildup.

Where is the win win in China/US relations?

Story at CNN

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