February 4, 2023

The “Anna Kournikova of Chess” is 19 years old, and likes “…green lights, cooking, pina colada’s, vodka, red wine, Kahlua, dwarfs and the odd Cuban cigar.” (Thanks MeFi.)

There’s making moves in chess and making moves in night clubs – and you wouldn’t think the two would involve the same players.
Think again. To the staid world of chess comes … Gormallygate.
And at the centre of it is teenage Australian chess champion Arianne Caoili, dubbed “the Anna Kournikova of chess”.
British chess grandmaster Danny Gormally had reportedly been seeing and emailing her.
But when he saw her dancing with the world’s No. 3 player, Armenia’s Levon Aronian, in a Turin nightclub during the World Chess Olympiad he made a move with his fist.

Chess queen triggers ‘Gormallygate’ – World – smh.com.au

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