February 4, 2023

President Chavez: USA governed by a genocidal mafia that violates human rights!
Dominican Today | August 15 2006
Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez assures that the United States is governed by a genocidal mafia, that violates human rights and does not respect freedom of expression.
Chavez, reiterated that he looks forward to see the United States going through a “process of transition towards democracy,” which removes from power the “imperialistic Mafia, genocidal and fascist ” who, in his opinion, governs that country.
Chavez responded like that to Chief US diplomacy for Latin America, Thomas Shannon, who voiced Washington’s desire for the Venezuelan President to “add himself to the calls of democracy in Cuba.”
According to Chavez, US president, George W. Bush applies “a tyrannical and dictatorial policy against his own people, he violates human rights, he does not respect the freedom of expression, he persecutes his citizens, he accuses them, he manipulates them, he deceives them.”
“In the United States there is no democracy governing, in the United States an imperialistic, genocidal, fascist and assassin Mafia is in charge,” affirmed the leftist President of Venezuela.
“Latin America has undergone like no one else the permanent aggression from the empire, Latin American people have risen to defend their freedom and dignity again,” added Chavez.

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