January 28, 2023

(Hey if GW can work from Texas, why shouldn’t this guy do it…this is just wrong for some reason though….cd)
The mayor of Whistler, British Columbia, a ski resort town and key site for the 2010 Winter Olympics, says he needs a mid-life change from mountains and snow and will do his mayoral work at a distance.
“I’ll be the mayor, but living in Hawaii and performing duties from there,” said Mayor Hugh O’Reilly.
Facing his 50th birthday next month, O’Reilly announced yesterday that he’s moving to the islands to sell real estate.
O’Reilly won’t run for re-election in November. Instead, he’ll complete the rest of this term, either telecommuting or commuting to council meetings from his new home in Hawaii, he said.
“I can leave Hawaii at noon, be here Sunday night at midnight, attend a council meeting all day Monday, leave here Tuesday morning and be back by noon,” O’Reilly said in a telephone interview. “So in 48 hours I can turn it around.”
He expects he’ll have to travel between Canada and Hawaii a half dozen times in the next few months.
O’Reilly will start work Sept. 1 on Kauai for Playground, a wholl
Honolulu Star-Bulletin

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