February 5, 2023

I still can’t beleive this….I just recieved the following letter via registered mail. Then, I take a look at this guys site and what do I find but this!!!
There is no way that I am going to remove the Bushplug now (cause it feels so good! ). It’s time for action…

Dear Mr. Damitio:
Little, Brown, and Grist is a national trademark law firm. We have presented many briefs before the United States Supreme Court, and we have argued before the High Court and in state and federal courts throughout the nation. Little, Brown, and Grist has offices in Florida, Virginia and hundreds of affiliate attorneys licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We frequently provide assistance to various organizations including Celebrity Buttplugs International.
It has recently come to our attention that your web site, http://www.terrorsuspect.com, is selling an item you refer to as the Bushplug.
You appear to believe that the Bushplug is exempt from federal intellectual property laws as a “parody” due to “fair use.” Unfortunately, the intricacies of federal law cannot adequately be covered on “Wikipedia” due to the variety of facts addressed by courts in numerous cases. Your use of the image of George W. Bush as an anal toy is indeed a violation of copyright law and is not covered by “fair use.” Your altered image of the President substantially diminishes the potential value of the image of the President as utilized by our client on billboards across America and online. Moreover, your infringing activity creates the false impression that George W. Bush is sponsoring or endorsing the “Bushplug”, in violation of the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1125, as it contains the “E” logo mark that belongs to the office of the President. You have not been licensed or authorized to use either the image or the face belonging to George W. Bush as an anal toy.
We are confident that you will understand our insistence that you immediately cease selling the “Bushplug” on your web site or in any other venue. Please confirm your agreement to this request, and please note your confirmation that no other use is being or will be made of the anal sex toy bearing the image of George W. Bush, by signing and returning an original signature on a copy of this letter at the address shown above, no later than June 15, 2007. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation with this request.
Jimmy Forear , Esq.

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