February 1, 2023

Below is what Bush had to say about Darfur in the Sudan where more than two million are homeless and tens of thousands of civilians have been murdered by two rebel factions in conflict with the Sudanese government since 2003.
The US has not taken part in any peacekeeping in Africa since it left Somalia in 1994 despite UN requests and obvious need. We’ve been too busy…
The child below had his head smashed in with a rifle butt last year. This is genocide.
They’ve been busy in Darfur too.
dead kid

    “I’m in the process now of working with a variety of folks to encourage there to be more troops, probably under the
    United Nations,” Bush said.
    “But it’s going to require, I think, a NATO stewardship, planning, facilitating, organizing — probably double the number of peacekeepers that are there now,” he said during a question-and-answer session with a friendly audience in Florida.

Bush: double peacekeeping troops needed in Darfur – Yahoo! News

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