January 30, 2023

(I liked this article a lot. A lot of burners may find fault with the authors sentiments, but I find that this article rings true. I will write more about my burning man experience at some point, but for now understand that it was a remarkable experience. Yet, despite that, it did have its flaws. Will I go back, almost undoubtedly….cd)
By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco
Published Wednesday 7th September 2005 12:13 GMT
The writer had found an elusive internet connection, and reaching beyond exhaustion was finding words to record the madness around him:
“We are operating on something beyond tired, beyond care, beyond recognition,” he wrote. “You just keep going, because you have no choice.”
New Orleans? No, Burning Man.
The writer was describing America’s greatest party, although word only seeped through about the disaster unfolding in America’s greatest party city, 2,000 miles away.
Burning Man, meet Drowning Man | The Register

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