February 5, 2023

I always wanted to send a message in a bottle. I suppose it just adds to the garbage already in the sea, but there is something romantic and innocent about throwing a message into the ocean and believing that it will travel to someone else. And sometimes it does.

A message in a bottle thrown into the sea by a four-year-old as part of a nursery school project has been found 9,000 miles away in Western Australia.
Alesha Johnson threw the bottle into the water at Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, last July, enclosing a picture of herself and her Heysham address.
The note read: “If you get this message, please write back.”
This week, she received a letter from a 10-year-old from Perth, who said he had found the bottle in a local boatyard.
The Australian boy, who said only that his name was Bob, wrote in his letter that he had asked his father to look up Heysham on the internet.
The child did not enclose an address as he said he was moving house, but would write back when he had his new address.

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Lancashire | Bottle message drifts 9,000 miles

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