January 28, 2023

I realize that things have been fairly slow lately here at Incredible Fukn.us  All I can say is that Bambi is getting married, Bernest is in some sort of legal dispute with Sony Motion Pictures, and Mink Hippie and I are just cruising along in our beat up jalopy and enjoying the summer sun. I’ve been in some questionable negotiations with Nigerians lately which has led me to abandon ebay as a storefront and set up my own auctions at http://www.fuknbooks.com
Will they work? Who fukn knows…but here are the specs…

Book Lot Auctions
Books by Lot Sale on Fuknbooks http://www.fuknbooks.com
June 15th, 2006
As an experiment, I am listing all the following book lots as open auctions. Auctions will close next Friday. Bids can be placed as comments. I will update bids as they arrive starting on Monday 6/19. Any bids that arrive before that will not be posted until Monday but will be posted in the order they arrive. There is a .01 cent starting bid and no reserve. Shipping is $8 per lot by Priority Mail within the US. I’m hoping this works…it would just be cool to have auctions without having to pay ebay a cut.
Ethnofiction Lot
Trade Paperback Fiction Lot
J.R.R. Tolkien Lot
Books about Rich Guys Lot
Random Lot
Pulp Paperback Lot
Parenting Lot
Nonfiction Lot
Nonfiction Lot
Natonal Geographic Booklot
Medical Lot
Kids Lot
Journal Lot
Islam Lot
History Lot
Hard Back Lot
Food and Wine Lot
Fish and Game Lot
Craft Lot
Comic Book Lot
3 Book Architecture Lot

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