January 31, 2023

Hey can you spare a dollar? If you send me a dollar via paypal or U.S. Mail I will make a rhyme about your name and post it in the poem at the bottom of this blog entry. This may be the next new thing…I just bought bloghandling.com and directed it here. Donate a buck, get your name in a poem (the earlier you donate, the earlier in the poem you are), and tell all your friends to come see your name at bloghandling.com!

You can send your spare change to Chris Damitio, 150 Hamakua #377, Kailua, HI 96734
A dollar won’t buy you a coffee,
a dollar won’t buy you a home,
a dollar won’t buy you much in this world,
but it will put your name in this poem.
Do you wonder how to say my name?
Is it something that you wish to know?
From my moment of birth (for what it is worth)
It’s Christopher Duh-mish-ee-yo!
I’ve created my own fukn brand,
this lyrical wit on demand,
I’ll rhyme and I’ll holler for one measly dollar,
for example the name of…AYN RAND !!!!!
(step right up!!!!)
The first dollar is truly the strainer
An actress puts me on retainer
I step ‘pon the dias, tip my hat to the pianis’
And say thanks to you Mistress Gaynor!!!
Forsooth, this difficult life…
can sometimes torment and cause cryin…
give yourself a break, and learn from the work
of the wonderful Marsha O’Brien!!!

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