January 29, 2023

These are some of the odd dreams that appeared to me in the year 2000. I wrote down the oddest, but I wish I’d have written them all down….


Bizarre Dreams
The year 2000 was filled with oddities.

A wedding for my parents at grandma’s old trailer park, lots of waterways and houseboats, a hidden spot. Admiring bridesmaids and touching a bridesmaid. Erotic, tactile. Walking through a campus and some joker throwing a grape and hitting me from a balcony. I started talking shit and he came down with a gun wrapped in cloth and held it out. I talked more shit and then many women checking in handguns with me. Big fires, fuzzy pictures…my mind was going.


I then went to bed and had odd dreams of serial murderers chasing me in brightly colored vans.


Wolves and wild dogs on the outskirts of a camp- then waking up and realizing I was in a Jen’s dad’s backyard and going into his house to fix his computer.


I had a disturbing dream in which my friend was on a bus loaded with me and my friends and said, “Want some money?” He asked while he kept opening the lid of a suitcase stuffed with cash. “Want some money?” I started to say yes but he always interrupted me “Want some money…” It was disturbing.


I fell asleep and I had dreams of George W. Bush. He pulled me aside in a store as I was getting ready to steal some milk. He was wearing an old time baseball uniform.

“Come with me, “he said and escorted me to a waiting limousine filled with secret service men. Once we were in he turned to me.

“I’ve been waiting for you to find out on your own. I’m proud of you son. Your mama was one great piece of ass. Now, come on over to the ranch.”

Next we got out of the limo and he walked me to an island where he told me to wait. The bridge he left on crumbled in the water behind him. Stranding me. The water was filled with alligators.

“Sometimes the only way to achieve anything is the way we don’t want to do it. Don’t ask me to explain that to you son, you know what I mean. Now if you can figure out how to get out of here, you’re gonna do alright. Good luck and so long son. God bless ‘Merica.”

I leapt through the pond stepping on the heads of alligators like I was playing Pitfall and tried to reach the limo before he left. I just missed it.

“Dad,” I screamed after George W. Bush, “I love you.” Weird fucking dream.


st john the divine 2000
odd dreams

I had another bizarre dream. I was once again in a strange town and I got to an island where the WWII Japanese had promised peace to the British and I was with boy scouts who only caused trouble but the Japanese were out to get us even though I spoke Japanese and so they had respect for me through an old English Colonel who had switched to their side but he double crossed them and some of the boys and I escaped the wreckage which was caused by planes and we climbed through the jungle to an arboreal village where an American ex-pat woman gave us food and prostitution and it was discovered that we had the key which proved the broken promise and she helped us escape…..a boy daringly escaped using a prototype model airplane and jumped further than scouting taught him…and then connected somehow….I was in the strange town and I had to shit but I got to stay at the beautiful girls house who lived up the street…her parents didn’t sleep together anymore and when the dad went in to bed the mom came out in the living room, and their toilet was horrible, I fell into it and the dad came and gave me something by some conservative that he told me would help push it out, I climbed from the toilet and he was not surprised by it, then I slept in the garage on a nice bed and mattress he put in there. Lots more going on with the beautiful girl and her sister that I can’t recall…I guess I was sorry to wake up from that one.

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  1. Cool! I used to have a well-kept dream journal, too! But, my dreams seem boring by comparison! haha
    Except that one time where I dreamed I was Dana Scully and was pregnant with Fox Mulder’s baby! :p

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