February 1, 2023

While it would have been great if all of you reading this had bought Bitcoin back in 2013 or even in early 2017 – that didn’t happen. Most of you still don’t own any Bitcoin. Now, you are faced with a choice…are you going to look back and wish that you had bought Bitcoin in July 2018? I believe that unless you buy it right now, the answer is yes.

The death of Bitcoin has been called out far too many times in the past.  And it isn’t going to happen. The decentralized nature of bitcoin, the limitied supply, and the massive investment that has been made into developing the infrastructure for it have gone way too far. Over the past two days, I’ve watched while the long awaited institutional money has begun moving into the space. Don’t get me wrong, institutional investment in Bitcoin already dwarfs private investment.

However, for some time now, the institutional money has been quietly paving the way to protect and exploit their resources in bitcoin. The coming creation of an ETF (now with approval pushed back to mid-september) and the preparation of safe custody solutions by the likes of Coinbase have opened the door to investment on a scale that has never been seen. While it’s not likely that we will see the 20,000% growth that OG Bitcoin investors experienced…there will be fortunes made based on investments made today. Parabolic growth is coming soon.

It’s worth repeating. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoins. Ever. And yet, already there are more bitcoin being sold than exist because some exchanges and platforms like Abra are operating on a basis of fractional reserves – that means that unless you have the private keys to your bitcoin – you don’t actually have your bitcoin and you might lose your bitcoin if that institution fails for whatever reason. Fractional reserve is happening in bitcoin, but it’s not as widespread or pervasive as it is in fiat currencies and the normie banking world.

Want to see why I recommend that you buy Bitcoin right now? Look at this chart…as I write, from the time I took the sreenshot to now. The price of Bitcoin jumped from $8161 to $8185 – that’s in seconds.

Now, look at the blue horizontal line and trace it back to November 2017. Look what followed from the point we are at right now. A lot of that was driven by Korean money flooding in – well, guess what? Korean regulators have re-opened the floodgates of that Korean money over the past few days.

The ETF is coming. Chaos is ruling the financial systems of the world. The dollar is being weakened, the Yen is getting stronger. The supply of bitcoin is not getting larger. And volume is rising.

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