February 1, 2023

I’ve always loved these fantastic coffins. Sometimes they are symbols of transport to the afterlife, like racecars or jetplanes. In the photos here, however, they are a mermaid, a chicken, and a bottle of beer. The beer I totally grok, but the mermaid and the chicken, I’m not sure about.
chicken coffin Ghana

Funerals are big in Ghana and Ghanaians love their fancy coffins. But what’s a funeral without a corpse?
That’s a question Ghanaians are grappling with after the Ghana Medical School announced it was short of corpses at the start of the academic year.
The school wants people to donate their bodies for research instead of having them buried right away after elaborate funeral ceremonies.
That is difficult in a society in which funerals are bigger events than wedding ceremonies and funeral rites are extremely important.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Ghana needs you… dead not alive

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