February 4, 2023

Check this out found at Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog. I’ve been cutting my own hair for years now, but I would be tempted to let a barber do it if one of these places existed in Honolulu. Of course, i guess that would depend if the bartender was drinking or not…

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Someone must have been reading my blog (or the Entrepreneur’s Handbook from 1977). Via the SF Chronicle comes word of a barbershop bar combination:
Beth Schnitzer was sipping champagne by the bar and glancing at a baseball game on the big high-definition TV. John Gart-land was relaxing with a pint of beer on a black leather sofa. Kumi Walker was moving furniture around to prepare for a March Madness party later that evening.
Right next to him, Adam Kennedy was getting a really sharp haircut.
“The haircut’s great, the atmosphere’s great, the conversation’s great, and the people hanging out here are great,” said Kennedy, who joined his friend Gartland for a beer when the haircut was done.
Bar? Barbershop?
Photo by anniebee.
via Work at Home Chuck.

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