January 30, 2023

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Alright, thanks to the Chairman for all his fukn work making this a fukn fun place to spread the gospel. As Reverend, the hatch, match, and dispatch gig is so routine I have plenty of time to think. Recently I was invited to perform a baptism at private tractor pull, tres chic, the idea being that I’d invoke the trinity in a tub attached to the sled as it was pulled by four fire breathing thousand horsepower engines. I meditated quietly waiting for the tub to fill…
So I asked myself, where did the pickelhaube come from? Whose fukn idea was that? William Friedrich IV is who, in 1842. His fetish for the middle ages, along with an interest in gardening led him feel God had instructed him to design a pointy hat. Hindenburg thought the Huns had the idea first, and I agree. Besides, even though you may believe the word “Germanâ€? had a latin root, Germanicus meaning brotherhood, the huns lived in gers and were men, and it’s only logical to call an individual Hun a Ger man. Anway, the helmet lasted until 1914, when the Victorians aimed the industrial revolution at their own heads, and no one was left to wear it after WW1. But you be the judge from these:
From this
to this
to pure pickelhaube allweather unribbed pleasure
We blew an engine at the baptism, a sure sign of God’s approval.

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