January 28, 2023

This is Margaret Atwood – the woman who wrote The Handmaid’s Tale. She got tired of going on book tours and decided to do something about it!

Author Margaret Atwood has invented a remote-controlled pen which allows her to sign books for her fans from thousands of miles away.
Autographs are signed on an electronic pad while Atwood chats to a fan via a video link.
Seconds later two metal arms holding a pen reproduce the signature in the fan’s book.
Atwood, 66, invented the LongPen after tiring of travelling round the world on book tours.
“You cannot be in five countries at the same time. But you can be in five countries at the same time with the LongPen,” said Atwood.
The pen had its first public outing at the London Book Fair after a technical hitch delayed the demonstration by a few minutes.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Author Atwood invents ‘magic’ pen

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